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Monsieur Jules Elie Peony (Fall Ship)

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Peonies are top performers in any garden. The Jules Peony is a robust plant with a heavy flush of buds and blooms each and every year. It is a beautiful and lustrously colored varieties in the Peony family. The blooms are 7 inches tall and wide with three layers of petals in pastel colors. They are long-lasting and proliferate, yet compact making them ideal for cutting.

Blooming in midseason - from late spring to early summer - plants reach just three feet tall and wide, and are well-branched, but not sprawling. Perfect for accents or borders, the Sorbet Peonies are exceptionally hardy and stand up to adverse weather admirably. Peonies are amongst the longest lived perennials, with some plants lasting for generations.

The Jules Elie Peony also offers you three seasons of color combination. New spring foliage is a reddish color, bright blooms appear in late spring and early summer; and in the fall, foliage turns to a lovely bronze and purple. Add this unsung beauty to your cut flower arrangements or dry for an everlasting look.