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Lady Alexandra Peony (Fall Ship)

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Double - Blush - Midseason. Medium height. Fair fragrance. Large. Blooms are borne in clusters, with smaller, saucer-shaped side flowers; pale blush-pink, almost white, with yellow stamens mixed with a few irregular petals in the center. Very floriferous; stems strong. Foliage abundant. In some seasons it is decidedly pink, especially on the back of the blooms near the calyx. As usually seen, the flowers are charming and informal and the plant is graceful.

"Lady Alexandra Duff was the daughter of Princess Louise of Wales, and the Duke of Fife, whose family name was Duff. She is the granddaughter of Edward VII of England, and was named "Alexandra" for her beautiful grandmother, Queen Alexandra. She was born in 1891, and was a child of eleven years when Kelway named his famous peony...."