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Catharina Fontijn Peony (Fall Ship)

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Every garden should possess a good number of pink-flowering plants—it should be made law! And Paeonia 'Catharina Fontijn' is one of the best for this. An upright-growing, bushy perennial Lactiflora peony, it has gorgeous dissected dark green foliage, tinged red in spring. In early summer, stiff, upright stems hold the many showy, spicily scented, double saucer-shaped flowers, and they are really pink! The buds of Paeonia 'Catharina Fontijn' form in a darkish pink, then open to a blush rose-pink. As the flower ages, the petals become paler, so they become almost white, but retaining a hint of pink in the centre. When the flower is in its final stages, it suddenly reveals its central boss of golden stamens.  

Set Paeonia lactiflora 'Catharina Fontijn' in a bed or border in either full sun or partial shade. Any fertile, moist, well-drained soil will do.  

Paeonia 'Catharina Fontijn' is a traditional classic Dutch-bred garden peony with large and highly impressive, sweetly-scented blooms. The flowers are long-lasting, too, making them ideal for cutting and bringing indoors.